Worksheet #

Use the prompts from this worksheet to write about your own life while shielding, or to interview someone else about their story.

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Worksheet #

Basics #

  • How would you describe your circumstances before the pandemic?
  • When did you start shielding?
  • In what circumstances are you shielding? Do you live alone or with others? Do you have a space to yourself, access to green space? Are there any care, community or work commitments that you carry out from your shielding circumstances? How do you arrange practicalities, such as groceries? It’s OK if your situation has changed over time, just describe what seems most relevant to you.

Your story #

  • What made you decide you to shield?
  • What is your shielding routine? What do you do on a typical day? Do you stay in, or go anywhere? Are you in touch with anyone? What do you spend time on?
  • What does shielding mean to you? Is it a necessity? A moral, practical or social decision? Something else?
  • Has anything changed over time in how you experience shielding? Have you yourself changed since you started shielding? Any new (or lost) hobbies, habits, activities, ideas?
  • How do you see the future? Any wishes, maybe fears, or things that you would like to see changed? Feel free to talk about your personal situation, as well as about your wider views on how the pandemic situation is being handled.

Closing #

  • Anything else you would like to add?

Feel free to share, if you like: