The Shielding

The Shielding #

The Shielding is an initiative to gather the personal stories and experiences of those who are, or have been, shielding during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Recent stories #

Here are the most recent shielding stories:

  • Floor: People like us don't go to the Houses of Parliament on a tractor
  • Anohni: Consciously keeping distance
  • Sophie: Someone else shouldn't be allowed to decide whether I get ill
  • Helen: The risk of chronic damage is getting closer
  • Daan: Resistance to mass fantasy
  • Can I take part? #

    Of course! We are currently collecting shielding stories. Anonymous stories are welcome. Are you shielding? Or have you been shielding? Do know someone who shields? We’d love to hear from you:

    Take Part

    If you’d prefer to write things down yourself, you’re welcome to use the available worksheet.

    Why are you doing this? #

    Our reason for doing this is to foster a sense of community and moral support. To let each other—fellow humans who are also shielding—know that we are not alone. The outside world may have fallen largely into pandemic denialism. But there are others out there who also shield.

    These are their stories.

    We are also doing this with an eye on the future. Because if we don’t document our experiences ourselves, who is going to believe that it all really happened this way?

    Feel free to share, if you like: