About #

The Shielding is run by a small group of people with one thing in common: all of us have been shielding since early on in the current COVID-19 pandemic.

We started The Shielding in March 2022 out of a sense of bafflement and urgency.

Bafflement, because it seemed that the outside world had fallen largely into pandemic denialism. Even though in many regions, infections numbers are still intolerably high. All the while, some of us had to continue to shield.

Urgency, because in such circumstances it’s so important to stick together. To keep a sense of community and moral support. If you are, or have been, shielding: know that you’re not alone. There are others out there who also shield.

Plus, if we don’t document our experiences ourselves, who is going to believe that it all really happened this way?

We see The Shielding as a home for the personal stories and experiences of people who are, or have been, shielding.

You are most welcome to take part, or use the worksheet to document your own story or that of those around you yourself.

Feel free to share, if you like: